ZaciSa's Last Stand (Beta)

Website: ZeNfA Productions
Genre: Tower Defense
Note: Game intended for Wii U and is in beta. Some issues, including graphics, game balance, bugs and crashes may occur.
Display: Wii U Gamepad
Controls: Use click for buttons/prompts. "Arrow" keys for moving map around while on "Overview" tab. "a" and "b" for action and back on buttons/etc. "start" or "spacebar" for bringing up Start Menu on a Map.
Disabled: Recording High Scores is offline. Controlling Drones manually offline.
Game Speed/Start: Game starts out as "0x" or paused. Hit "1x" or "3x" to get started.

Twitter: ZeNfA Productions | Greg Wiggleton

Feel free to let us know any comments, questions or issues you had.

Web version works best in Chrome.

We are currently still adding in graphics, so some areas might be missing some and others be completely empty visually. No music/sound effects are added yet.